Flax Seeds Are Great, Flax Butter Is Better

Stoneground: Unleashing All the Benefits of Flax Seed


Stone ground milling is the key. Without Stoneground milling, the extraordinary levels of nutrients in flax seed remain locked in; they are simply not readily absorbed by our bodies.
Stoneground milling releases the concentration of important nutrients that nature stores in both the flax kernal and the flax shell.
+ Fiber

+ Omega 3 (ALA, Alpha Lipoic Acid)

+ Antioxidents

+ Plant Based Protein


AND stoneground milling makes them a treat

Our mills use large, slow turning, stones to shear the kernel and shell into digestible fiber and nutrition micro-particles and releases the flax oils, which are so high in Omega 3.


The process is time consuming and carefully controlled but the results are worth it.


There are no short-cuts to this centuries old milling method and tradition.


Origins: Superfood From the Caucasus

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