Flax Butter: Ancient Wisdom & Modern Food Science

Eddie Green - Co-Founder

Finding Flax Butter...

"Flax butter has made working out fun again."

The seed for O3 Superfoods was planted when I realized that I could no longer make athletic gains but instead need to focus on preserving and extending my active lifestyle. As an avid triathlete, I was faced with longer recovery times and increased soreness. So, I began a journey of investigation into how to age gracefully and help my body better, without consuming highly processed supplements.
One day during a hike up Mt. Tamalpais in Northern California with my good friend Magomed I began telling him of my research and experimentation with varying foods as medicine for the body. He listened patiently before telling me that in the Caucasus mountains, where he grew up, people eat flax butter daily and that the villagers are known for legendary longevity.  
Intrigued, I began researching the benefits of flax butter and was amazed to find that it is a powerhouse of nutrition. High in Omega 3, packed with antioxidants and a complete plant-based protein source to boot. After trying the butter and feeling the benefits for myself, I was hooked!
Magomed and I purchased several sandstone mills from Dagestan and imported them back to Sonoma County California where we began to perfect the recipes. The rest is history.
We hope you will love our stoneground flax butter as much as we do, and we are honored to share a new way to enjoy a tasty source of Omega 3s with you. We'd love to hear more and share your recipes. Stay connected with our story through Instagram and Facebook.
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